#10 Talk about Value of Time

Time is our only non-renewable resource. Not everyone uses and values time in the same way.  How you use your time impacts your life. People who spend their time investing in others build better relationships. People who spend their time doing profitable work generally make more money. People who spend their time in community work have a larger impact on the world. How do you value time?

  • If money were no issue, what are the top three ways you would spend your time?

  • What denotes time wasted for you? Does it depend on who you are with?

  • What denotes a good use of time for you?

  • What are some ways we can gain back some time?

  • more questions in the guide

Note: The objective is to explore together how you use your time. Where you are using time well and what obstacles are you facing in using your time effectively?  Be gentle on yourself and your spouse.

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