3 entities in the marriage. He. She. We.

(According to the sages, Matan Torah is closely associated with the number 3. see more below)

There’s a He and a She in every marriage. Two separate entities creating a third entity – the We – the unity, the marriage.

What truly makes them a unit is not renouncing one’s self or losing one’s identity into the marriage. Rather, it is a mindset and way of being where each proactively contributes to that third and deeper entity. That is, each brings their whole self into the unity.

It is not that either is giving in to the other. Rather, it is giving to strengthen and invigorate the marriage. The small actions, the larger decisions – all for the ‘adai ad’ of the marriage.

He and She. Each bolstering the We.

(About the number 3 in Torah numerology:
One represents a state of wholeness, a level that stands totally above all possibility for separation.
Two represents the formation of opposites.
Three represents the introduction of a new element that can resolve the discord introduced by the number two and reveal an inner union between the first two states – Achdus.)

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