5 Minute Vacations

We all need a vacation now and then. But all too often reality does not allow for us to actually go away on vacation.

Of course, there is the staycation where you unwind and relax in your own home city. And the daycation, a day off (trip or other relaxing activity) that does not involve staying away from home overnight. Some people even take a naycation, some time off that doesn’t involve travelling or spending money on leisure activities.

There is also the 5 minute vacation. Taking five minutes to recover, restore and relax before moving on with the rest of the day.

During these five minutes, shut off your phone. Through the power of your mind and senses, transport yourself to a vacation spot. You can view pictures or videos of past vacations or places you dream of. You can talk about your past vacation with friends or co-workers. Try to recreate your favorite past vacation or a dream spot with food, sounds, scents or textures of those leisurely days.

Studies have shown that such 5 minute vacations are helpful at reducing stress.

Plan a 5 minute vacation into your day. Every day. Prioritize it. Prepare for it. Get excited for it.

Where will you go this next vacation?

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