A million dreams. Share them with your spouse.

It can be fun to share your million dreams – with a partner who believes in you.

Firstly, be open and nonjudgmental. And respectful of different perspectives and needs. As you dream together, you’ll probably have different ideas. Discuss, talk, research. Be ready to listen and modify your dreams. This ought to be an opportunity for deep conversations, not arguments. Even if you don’t think your spouse’s dreams are realistic or practical, don’t shoot them down.

As you discuss the dreams, share your whys (why this is important to you). Talk about your practical, emotional, spiritual, religious needs and wants. Share what you do want for you and your family. Share what you don’t like about the other options.

Do you dream of living in a smaller community – why? Talk about what is hard for you in a larger community. Share about what you envision life in the smaller community to be like and why that resonates with you and your vision for your life.

When you talk from your whys, you may recognize other opportunities to achieve those goals with a modified version of your dream.

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