A question can be a powerful way to get someone thinking.

If there is something you want to bring up, it might be best to craft it as a question.

The answer may be insightful for you and can get the wheels turning in their head about the issue. “I am so happy for you that you love your new job. Do your friends mention that you are not around as much?”

Some questions that are more manipulative than helpful, and can come across as “You idiot” statements. Don’t ask these questions. Ever.
“Don’t you know that ___?”
“Did you really think that ______” “Didn’t you realize that _____?”
“Don’t you think you should _____?”
“Why don’t you _______?” “Why didn’t you ______?”
“You don’t think so?”
“Are you sure that is a good idea?”
“Are you really going to ______?”

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