Acknowledgment: A positive comment that focuses on who the person is

An acknowledgment is a positive comment that focuses on who the person is. It acknowledges the unique individual they are underneath all the talents, skills and facade.

“You are so dedicated to the children you work with.”
“Your passion for the work you do comes out in how you …”
“You care so much about our kids …”
“I feel so calm when I am around you.”
“Knowing I can count on you makes all the difference in the world.”
“Your support made this project possible for me.”
“You have such a clear way of thinking; you really helped me see …”

The acknowledgement should stand on its own. Don’t sandwich in a ‘but’ or a weakness. It will negate the acknowledgment and make it feel like manipulation.

And don’t forget to acknowledge yourself – for your intentions, for your process, for your contributions to the success of your life! You, as a human, will benefit from acknowledgment too.

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