Adai Ad’s Weekly 3-2-1 [09/19/2021]

3 Conversations you might have this week

  1. What are some favorite memories of Sukkos? What do we want to incorporate into our Sukkos this year?
  2. What are other words that are similar to the word ‘temporary’? What are the nuanced differences and what do the different words teach us about how to view life?
  3. What are important points to consider as a host, or as a guest?

2 Quotes to inspire you

  1. “Everything is temporary – emotions, thoughts, people, scenery, things. Don’t get attached.  Go with the flow.”
  2. “It is not joy that makes us grateful. It is gratitude that makes us joyful.”

1 Point to Ponder

  • Unity starts with U. If not you, then who?
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