Allow negative emotions. They have a purpose.

(Negative emotions are those that don’t feel good; they make us uncomfortable: anger, anxiety, frustration, sadness.) Negative emotions have a role. Don’t quash them. Not yours. Not someone else’s. Manage them, tune in to them, and listen to the message. And only then should you release them and move forward.

Managing negative emotions is about embracing the fact that you are feeling them and determining why you are feeling that way. Managing means not allowing them to overrun you.

Anger may be telling you that a change needs to be made. Fear may be telling you to amp up your security. Resentment may be telling you to set up boundaries in your relationships. Basically, the negative emotions are making you uncomfortable because something has to change or will be changing. Use the emotions to guide and motivate you to make the change in the best way.

Don’t try to escape those feelings. Lean into the discomfort. Act on the message. And move forward into a better place.

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