Apologize to move past a fight

It started off as a difference of perspective and somehow moved beyond a civil conversation and into a fight. Somehow, you both ended up saying things that are regrettable.

Get back to loving and caring as quickly as possible. To do that, apologize for your role in the fight. Even if you were ‘totally right’, you probably did one little thing that was not reflective of your best self. Own up to that. Apologize for it. “I’m sorry for my tone. You don’t deserve to be spoken to that way.” And mean it.

By apologizing first, you are creating a safe place for you both to admit your mistakes, grow and move forward.

Often, when your spouse sees you putting aside your pride for the sake of the relationship, they will apologize too.

However, do not expect an apology back right away. All you can do is give your apology. You cannot insist on one back.

Your apology is the start of things getting back on track. Sooner than later.

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