Are you using your phone as a distraction from your real life?

Do you – or someone you know – use their phone or other device way too often and it is impacting their relationships or productivity?
For some people, the phone is a tool to distract themselves from their real life.
–>They don’t like to be alone with their own thoughts (in other words, bored) even for a few minutes.
–> Or, they feel anxious, so they run off to their happy place – their phone.
–> Or, they feel restless or unprepared for the next task, so they procrastinate.
–> Or, they may be feeling lonely, powerless, overwhelmed, sad or a host of other emotions.
They may tell themselves that they are catching up on the news, gossip, important whatsapps, keeping up with friends. Whatever rationalizations that work for them.
In most cases, it is they simply are running from some discomfort – sometimes small, sometimes larger.
Does any of that resonate with you? Keep a journal of your phone impulses. What was going on for you right before you reached for you phone (or to emails or social media or google on your computer).
The first step is to recognize what your triggers are. The next step would be to get more comfortable in those uncomfortable moments and emotions.
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