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Assumptions lead to blame, frustration and resentment.

Don’t assume that you know the other person’s intentions. Too often, we infer their intentions. And we get it wrong. Those assumptions lead to frustration, blame and then resentment. “He left it behind because he doesn’t care how important it is to me.”
“She didn’t do what I asked because she really doesn’t care about me.” In most cases, they meant no harm and are indeed saddened to hear that you their words or actions hurt you.

You’d both be better off, if you both gave the benefit of doubt.

J.O.T. [Just One Thing]

Through the years, many clients and students have reached out for guidance and support. They came seeking encouragement and assistance with relationship challenges. They asked tough questions. They explored their role in the relationship. They enhanced their communication and conflict resolution skills.  They adopted productive mindsets that helped them enrich their marriage, family life and so many other aspects of their lives.

Adai Ad’s (JOT) Just One Thing series was developed to share short and practical relationship insights, tools and mindsets every morning (via whatsapp and social media). These are widely received all over the world.

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