Devora Krasnianski

Shiduch-U 013

Ask for past stories (‘what did you do’), not hypotheticals (‘what would you do’). “When you went through that experience, what did you do?” rather than “If you ever got into such a situation, what would you do?” You can learn much more about who they is from their past, than their ideas of how they hope …

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Shiduch-U 010

Don’t infer or assume.Ask more questions to gain more clarity. Too often, people make assumptions, guesses or inaccurate inferences based on something the other person did or said. People may dismiss or end a shiduch because of an assumption. Or, they may hopefully assume things are as they wish them to be. They may assume …

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Shiduch-U 009

Skip the small talk; go straight for personal conversation. Share about your views and passions, not necessarily your private information (not just yet). Small talk is light, informal conversation that doesn’t cover any functional topics. This might be conversations about the weather, the ambiance around you, current events (no politics so much). While these topics are …

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Shiduch-U 008

Tune into body language and other nonverbals to really get a sense of who the other person is. Non verbals include: body language, facial expressions, hand gestures. They also include the way one speaks – the tone, inflection, speed, choice of words. Lastly, non verbals also includes: where and they choose to have conversation, how …

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Shiduch-U 005

Overcame something difficult?  Don’t hide it; share it with confidence. Challenges are part of life. Facing up to challenges and living through them give us the experiences that make up our life. Through your challenges, you find and grow your emotional and mental strengths. Everyone has something – challenges with school or work, friends, money, …

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