Be curious and you’ll resolve more creatively

When we are curious, we view tough situations more creatively.

Creativity is so powerful because it enables us to lean into uncertainty with a positive attitude – relaxing and opening our minds to new ideas, skills, and ways of solving problems.

Curiosity opens us to generate and accept alternatives. When our curiosity is piqued, we allow ourselves to put ourselves in the other’s shoes and take an interest in their ideas rather than only focus on our own perspective. With genuine curiosity, we are less likely to fall prey to confirmation bias (looking for information that supports our beliefs rather than for evidence suggesting we are wrong). In this way, conflicts and challenges are less emotionally charged, and ultimately there are more productive results.

“What is going on for you?” “What else might be happening here?” “What is another way of looking at this?” “Can there be more here than I see at this point?” “What is another way of interpreting this?” “What else is possible here?”

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