Be honest to yourself about your growth areas

A growth area is something that you ought to work on to live your best self – as an individual and in the coupleship. We all have areas in which we should grow. And growing is a life-long endeavor. Throughout our lives, we should always be growing and improving.

• As humans, we have blindspots where we don’t recognize some of these growth areas. Your spouse notices those and will point them out to you from time to time. While it may be hard to hear it, accept their insights as a gift; you now know an area in which you can grow. (You may not be able to work on all your growth areas at once, it is important to acknowledge it rather than deny it.)

• If you notice a growth area in your spouse, be kind. Choose when and how to share so that it is received well. Don’t complain, nag or belittle; those will definitely not inspire change.

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