Be the same spouse in stressful times as in calm times.

During stressful times, some people become emotional, controlling, and close-minded. This can have a negative impact on everyone around.

When stress does come – and it will from time to time – think about the family and relationship dynamic you want, and if your stress-driven actions support that.
You wouldn’t threaten or blame in calm circumstances, so don’t do it during stressful times. During normal times, you would calmly and thoughtfully listen to your spouse’s ideas and insights, do that during stressful times too, – Talk to your spouse about what is going on for you, what you need from them, and thank them in advance for their support.
– Practice self care. Do what it takes to help you think more clearly – deep breathing, exercise, self-talk. Whatever.
– Go to sleep. (We never work at our best when exhausted.)
– Think differently about the situation; try to put it in perspective.

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