Be who your spouse needs at that time.

You have many sides of yourself. The key is to pull out the right side of you for the situation. Your words. Your voice. Your demeanor. Your actions.

Listen in to your spouse’s energy at the moment. Body language. Expression. Base it off off your years of experiences and life together.

Does your spouse need a hero? Does your spouse need you to be gentle? Or ‘gotta get things done now and fast’? Or funny and find the lighter side of the situation? Or the devil’s advocate? Or perhaps they just need to be left alone? Or they need you to pick up a tub of their favorite ice cream?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For newly married couples, ASK: “what do you need from me now?”. And the one needing: SAY WHAT YOU NEED/ WANT. No one can mind read. And if you don’t know what you want/ need, then it certainly isn’t fair to dump your lack of knowing on your spouse.

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