Be willing to be wrong.

We sometimes enter into a conflict with the goal to be right; our number one objective is to prove that the other person is wrong. Instead of working together, we are now competitors, working against each other. Even if you are proven to be right, the relationship loses.

Being open to being wrong is a much better starting point for differences. Enter a conflict willing to be wrong, willing to learn, willing to change your mind. Be grateful for the opportunity to grow. Recognize that being wrong isn’t fatal; it’s how progress happens.

Let go. Stop insisting on controlling every little aspect of your life. Be flexible.

Listen to their perspective and ideas with curiosity, without interrupting. Listen non-judgmentally, without interjecting your point of view or opposition. You might find that their perspective has merit and may actually be better than your own.

Being wrong might be the best thing in that situation.

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