Be willing to hurt each other’s feelings

We’re not talking about hurting your partner’s feelings on purpose.
Not every conversation will be comfortable. Sometimes something must be brought up for the sake of the relationship, for the family, for your spouse’s betterment. It is quite possible that your spouse may be slightly hurt or even very hurt.
If your spouse does something that frustrates you and they don’t even know how you feel, then they won’t know to change it. Or at least be able to talk it through. (Think about it: wouldn’t you want to know if you did something that frustrates your spouse?)
Think carefully before bringing it up. Determine if it should be said. Use the acronym T.H.I.N.K.
– Is it TRUE?
– Is it HELPFUL?
– Is it KIND?
Think about how to present it in the most productive and least hurting way. But don’t avoid it all together.
Have the courage to be honest – in a kind, respectful and helpful way.

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