Be willing to sit in discomfort

Or in other words: “Be comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Sure, discomfort is just that – uncomfortable. We humans naturally avoid pain and seek pleasure. We try to avert discomfort. However, there will be hard moments throughout our lives (no one escapes that reality). But distancing ourselves from negative emotions that come from those hardships limits our ability to cope with life’s inevitable challenges. Some people choose to distract themselves or cope by eating, scrolling through social media, or self-medicating – all activities that can bring on new problems in the future.

When facing an uncomfortable situation, sit with the discomfort. Even if it is hard. Make peace with it. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings. Acknowledge the current reality; don’t fight it. Open yourself to the possibility that all will work out in the end. Look for what is positive in the situation.

——–Yes, you can handle what you do not like. You really can.

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