Benefit and grow from life’s challenges.

Don’t just go through life, grow through life.

Everyone will experience defeat or adversity at one time or another. Hashem intends for us to grow and gain strength, understanding and wisdom through struggle. Every adversity, every failure and every unpleasant experience carries within it the seed of some benefit, albeit oftentimes it is hidden, a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, it takes courage, faith and creativity to reveal that seed and germinate it into the full-blown flower of benefit. But that seed is always there.

The situation was orchestrated by Hashem for a reason. Your role is to put in the faith and energy to uncover your next steps on the journey of your life. Sometimes, it may be too difficult to recognize the opportunity on your own. It is worthwhile to work with others to uncover it – loving family or friends, a mashpia, rav, mentor, counselor or coach. Even if you have to humble yourself or make yourself vulnerable to ask for help. Even if you have to compensate them for their time.  You are worth it.

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