Care-frontation. Not confrontation.

Care-frontation, which is defined as “Confrontation done in a caring or loving manner.”

The core of care-frontation is to approach the person from the heart: with compassion rather than recrimination. This is the best way to get anyone’s attention.

Not only starting from heart, but also leading the conversation from the heart.

A care-frontation makes it possible to then hear from the heart. “Words that emanate from the heart – enter the heart.”

The care-frontation must clearly be for the benefit of the other person. They have to know that you care about them, are on their side, and want what’s best for them. If they feel you have your own self-interest at heart — and not theirs — they won’t listen to what you’re saying. Your attitude and the words that follow must be: “I care for you deeply; this behavior is not in your best interest, and that is why I bring it up.”

Some points to keep in mind as you prepare for an effective care-frontation::
– Believe that this will work out.
– In a way that the person can receive what you have to say.
– Think of the best way for the person to realize the truth themselves.
– Affirm and acknowledge who they are.
– Choose words to show you care.
– Leave room for their dignity.
– Choose the time and place carefully.

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