Caution Fatigue: tired of being cautious

We are always more cautious when the risk is new. As time moves along, the risk seems less scary and the vigilance gets in the way of regular life. We grow tired of that stress and we want to reassert a sense of personal control. This all might lead to a lessening of personal motivation to adhere to the precautions. This is ‘caution fatigue’. And it’s human nature.

Understanding the phenomena of ‘caution fatigue’ doesn’t make the need for the precautions go away. But recognizing why people are becoming more lax helps us better relate to their human needs and understand them.

Criticizing, mocking or badgering them won’t help; they want some control in their lives and all those ways strip away control. Most importantly, people need to be understood before they will be able to understand what you are sharing – even if it is for their own or the collective good.

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