Choose empowering words to frame your situation.

The words we think in shape our emotions and thus our frame of mind. (And, it also impacts how you are perceived by others.)
Think about the difference between feeling ‘overwhelmed” and feeling that you are “in demand”.

Some others:

  • “I choose to do this.” rather than “I have to do this.”
  • “I get to do this.” rather than “I have to do this.”
  • “This is an interesting challenge.” rather than “I hope I don’t mess this up.”
  • “Perhaps I am not being understood.” rather than “I just can’t say this right.”
  • “This is new and interesting.” rather than “This is awful/ terrible.”
  • “I’m about to learn something new.” rather than “This is too scary” or “I’m so confused.”
  • “Challenge” rather than “Problem”
  • “I just learned something.” rather than “I just failed.”

The idea is to reframe the situation in a way that is empowering not disempowering.

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