Clear space = Clear mind and spirit

With all the wonderfulness of Pesach, there is also much disruption to schedule and routine. As much as practical, try to set order.

Organize your kitchen and food storage as best as possible. Unpack your suitcases.

Spend an hour or so planning and you’ll save yourselves and you’ll save yourselves much time (which build up to many hours) of frustrations.

Anticipate the possible areas of challenge and plan how to address those. Think about how to prepare yourself internally – what personal adaptions do I need to make in my expectations, bottom lines, what I will look the other way. Also think about sharing of responsibilities, schedules, physical space.

Make lists together (and print them so you can keep track on yom tov). Include: menus, tasks, where things are kept, schedules.

Schedule in some ‘me time’ and ‘couple time’ over the yom tov week.

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