Corona is not an excuse for bad behavior

Times are stressful, overwhelming and downright scary. Being cooped up can make someone feel stir-crazy. Being worried about loved ones or job security can make one anxious and testy. All feelings are valid, but they are not excuses for bad behavior.

Take the time to breathe, to decompress, listen to music or let the house get a little messier than you normally would allow. Punch your pillow, rip some paper, dance to crazy music. But don’t let your stress out on your loved ones. And if you do, apologize quickly and fully.

If others in your home let out their stress or do something that upsets you, let it go. Understand where it is coming from. In the same way that you are feeling stress and it is impacting your mood, allow that for others. Don’t go calling them out on everything. Even if you are coping well, recognize that others deal with stress differently.

Give the benefit of the doubt. Often.

Let things slide. Often.

Laugh. Often. (not at the others, but with them)

And cry if you need to.

We’ll get through this.

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