Create secret codes that you both understand.

Use codes to send a message without having to say it directly. You might use a hand signal or head nod. You might use a certain word or phrase.  This comes in handy when you are with other people. You might also use such codes when you are alone as an inside joke. Or when you want to send a message without saying words (with negative connotation).

Decide these codes together. Come up with codes for scenarios such as “I want to leave this party/event”, “I am feeling overwhelmed”, “What you just did made me feel put down”,  “I need you for a minute”, “Let’s close down this conversation”, “You’re doing that thing again”, “Please help me reach this up high”.

It can be totally unrelated or silly, like “This is a Watermelon moment”. If you want to change the conversation topic, you might say something like, “Did you hear about …” If you are ready to wind down a conversation, you might tap on the table. 

Be creative with your secret codes. It’s just between the two of you.

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