Curiosity deepens your intimacy

Instead of making an assumption or jumping to conclusions about something your spouse said or did, be curious. You’ll get a more accurate understanding of what is going on. And it will deepen your relationship. 

Curiosity leads to deeper understanding of one another.

Curiosity helps both of you grow. By asking and answering questions, you each uncover things about yourselves and each of you can take in each other’s strengths, ideas, and resources.

Curiosity shifts your perspective outside of yourself and makes you more open to your spouse. When you are genuinely open, your spouse will feel safe to speak honestly from the heart.

Curiosity encourages acceptance. When you better understand the situation, you are more willing to accept and then make adjustments that really address the matter.

In these ways, curiosity enables you to grow your intimacy with one another.

Take a position of curiosity and learn something new about your spouse.  “Help me understand what is going on for you.” “What about that is so important to you?” “Tell me more about that.”

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