A Date Night is a typically pre-planned evening when you carve out some time for yourselves from your children and other responsibilities. (Of course, Date Nights can also be “Date Days.) It is about leaving the ordinary and doing something that isn’t part of your typical routine – together, as a couple.

It is about laughing together, talking about topics of mutual importance and interest, trying new things … and most importantly, keeping your spark bright.

What you do during your date night can be anything that works for you: a hike, a nice dinner, window shopping, a walk in the book store, a visit to a museum. Anything. 

You can also preplan the topic of discussion. You can talk about topics that help you get to know each other more deeply and intimately, you can dream together, you can reminisce.

The idea is to nurture your relationship, keeping it interesting and exciting. Always.

Make time together a priority. Schedule a date night or day often. Put it on your calendar. Keep that time sacred.

In this series, we will share ideas for dates and topics for intimate discussions.

#4 Talk about your ideas of food and mealtime

Food is fuel. But food offers so much more beyond being an essential requirement for life. We all have experiences with food. Everyone has a different attitude to food and mealtime, and it will mean different things to different people.
You might talk about

  • What does food and mealtime mean to you?
  • What do you want to be your family’s experiences around food? 
  • more questions in the guide

Try some new foods together.  

#3 Talk about your ideas of fun and adventure

How do you each like to have fun? What is the role of play and adventure in your lives?
You might talk about

  • What does adventure and fun mean to you?
  • What are your playfulness styles
  • more questions in the guide

Create a master list of fun things you’d each like to try and discuss how you might bring more of that into your lives. 
Plan your next adventure or at least something novel that you can do at home.

#2 Talk about Purim memories

Our earlier experiences around the holidays impact how we celebrate them as adults.  Sharing your Purim memories can help you both better understand why you feel certain ways about different aspects of Purim. You may also decide together about creating new family traditions and experiences.

You might share your memories of Purim costumes, Purim meals, songs, Mishloach Manos. And how you feel about those memories.

  • Listen to each other’s stories about Purim. With genuine, open curiosity; no judgment.
    This conversation should not be about creating plans or budgets for Purim.

#1 Talk about Money Styles

Money has meaning, beyond the expenses and the budgets and the arithmetic involved with saving and spending. The goal of this date night is to share what money means to you, and understand what money means to your spouse.

You might share about how your parents handled money, the messages you received about money, what money symbolized in your family and community and how all that impacts your own thoughts about money.

        Listen to each other’s stories around money. With genuine, open curiosity; no judgment.  You might take a money style quiz together.

        IMPORTANT: This conversation should not be about creating budgets, money making/saving ideas or harping on money mistakes of the past or current.

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