Do you spend most of your time on the few areas you disagree on?

Hmm. Is it possible that you are focusing more time on the areas that you disagree on than living the life that you do see eye to eye on?

Some studies say we spend 90% of our time on the 10% that we disagree on. That’s grossly misusing our energy and time on the wrong things.

There are probably many more areas of similarities than we generally think. When we start down a path of focusing on the differences, we generally are forgetting about all the similarities that we do have.

You don’t have to agree on everything. Actually, it is impossible that you will.
Allow your marriage to have the space to have those differences and of course the similarities.

Look for the areas of agreement and allow the differences to just be.

Proactively ask questions along the lines of:
–> “where are we aligned?”
–> “what points of view do we share?”
–> “which areas do we agree on?”

Don’t aim for exact alignment. Respect the inevitable differences. Go with the flow.

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