Does your schedule reflect your values?

Your schedule is packed and somehow you are not getting to do the things you rally want. Is it time management, or is it priority management?

You have to be intentional with your time and align your schedule with your values.

Get clear with what is most important to you. Think in areas of work, your marriage, each child individually, community, religion, health, hobbies, etc. Think about family rituals and traditions (what memories do you wan the kids to have?). Lastly, add some ‘not to do’s to the list – things that might be nice, but you just can’t do at this point.

Define why these are important to you. When you know your ‘why’, it is easier to figure out the ‘how’. Additionally, you can better articulate your commitment to it and also ask for specific support.

Once you are clear on all that, you can create your schedule based on your values.

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