Doing for your spouse. Listening to your spouse.

On Shavuos, the anniversary of our ‘marriage to Hashem’, we renew and reenergize our relationship with Hashem and the Torah. When we first received the Torah, we declared “We will do and we will listen (to understand).” We committed ourselves to the relationship. Unconditionally.

The same concept applies to our marriage with our spouse: We will do and we will listen (to understand). We commit to DO for each other. And to LISTEN to each other. A relationship needs both doing and listening for real connection to develop from anniversary to anniversary.

Doing – so things get done. Doing things together. Doing things that your spouse may never even know about. Doing – just so your spouse feels cared for.

Listening to understand. Listening to empathize. Listening to learn. Listening to gain perspective. Listening to grow. Listening – just so your spouse feels heard.

Doing. And Listening.

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