Don’t be your best self. And laugh together

If you’re constantly trying to be your “best self”, you’re not going to laugh a lot. If you’re insecure or self-conscious, then everything becomes a dance designed to validate your insecurities and make you feel good about yourself. And you won’t allow yourself to be silly or dorky or your own unique selves – the elements that make for fun and laughs.

There is no right way to laugh together. There’s no sense of humor that is better than another. It’s about getting into the mode of laughing together. Play games. Poke fun at yourself as individuals, at each other and as a couple (respectfully only). People watch. Read and tell jokes together. Do something ridiculous and out of character. Try something that you are not good at and learn together. Laugh at mishaps. Make up your own ‘inside jokes’. Be playful and silly. Poke light fun at each other.

Happiness is laughing together.

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