Don’t believe everything you are thinking

Just because it FEELS true, doesn’t mean it IS true.

Just because the thoughts are running through your mind, it does not mean they represent reality. They very well may be coming from your imagination.

While often we consciously think about things, frequently thoughts just happen to us propelled by some unconscious source. These thoughts can be positive, negative, or neutral. They can be particularly upsetting when they are self-critical or bring on unnecessary distress, such as “I never do anything right”; “My colleagues think I’m an idiot”; or, “I will never land a respectable job”.

First, recognize that you are in this thinking pattern. Then, tell yourself “Just because it feels true doesn’t mean it is true.”

Look for examples that disprove the thought. “I did this and that right”; “My colleague did come to me for advice”; “At this point, I am gaining the skills that are necessary for that job”.

Consistency and repetition can help you overcome your negative thinking patterns.

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