Don’t fight in public.

Don’t fight in public. And don’t belittle your spouse, snap at them, roll your eyes, be verbally aggressive, betray them with stories that make them look foolish or dumb, or constantly making jokes at their expense. And definitely don’t try to rope others into your arguments.

It’s disrespectful. It’s awkward for everyone. For each of fighting couple. And the people around.

You will never solve the issue in that environment. And when you allow outsiders to witness your fight, not only will you have the original issue, you’ll likely also make the situation worse with feelings of anger, embarrassment and resentment.

If possible, move your conversation to a private location. If that isn’t possible, try, try, try to neutralize the conversation until you can address it in private. (Moving or deferring the conversation can give you some time and space to calm down a bit.)

–>“This issue is important and I want to discuss it with you. But not here and now. I don’t want to add any worse feelings to the situation.” Say this without embarrassing or counterattacking for beginning the argument in public.

** Make this an absolute rule or agreement in your marriage.

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