Don’t hold your spouse to unreasonably high standards.

Give your spouse a break. Don’t hold them to unreasonably high standards. No one can be perfect all the time. Or even close.

You’d let your friends slip from time to time; you’d understand that periodically they might not be on their best behavior. Offer that same leniency to the person you committed your life to.

So they said the wrong thing, or didn’t say what you had hoped. Or bought the wrong thing. Or breathed too loudly. Or didn’t do it as well as you would have.

For your sake: let live.

For their sake: if you are always holding them to highest standards of perfection (or close to), then they are always afraid of your disapproval and disappointment and feel like they are walking on eggshells; a mighty stressful way to live – which ironically leads to more stress-responding behaviors, in a downward spiral.

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