Dream together.

Together, dream about your future. Your family, your work, your community projects, your home. Your tomorrows together.
Dreaming together is a huge step in becoming one, growing and connecting with each other as a unit. As you work toward your dreams, you have a shared commitment and goal. And a unifying purpose moving toward the same future.
Such sharing can deepen your relationship.
On the very basic level, you are talking, and having continued discussions around a topic that is important and relevant to both of you. A whole new level of conversation
By sharing about what you want and hope for, you end up talking about what is important to you, how you came to those ideas, about how you grew up and what you do and don’t want from your upbringing. Mentors, role models. You will learn more about each other’s priorities and values, life philosophies, strengths and limitations. All conversations that can lead to deeper emotional intimacy.
Future posts will discuss how to have conversations around your dreams.

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