Elul … Introspection, self reflection … Looking to the past for a stronger future: our words.

The words we say have come into the world. And has lasting effect. For positive. And for negative. For ourselves, for the ones who hear, for the ones who just happen to be around at that time (maybe our kids?)
– Compliments, admiration, appreciation, encouragement, apologies …
– Complaints, critiques, grievances, accusations, demands …

— Sometimes, our words are carefully crafted and they do land as intended – with positivity and growth.

— Sometimes, they are said with haste and anger or just simple disregard for the other – with negative results.

— Sometimes, we rationalize our choices of words; it may seem to us that we just need to get these words out, the other person has to know how I feel.

Is there a method to how you choose your words? Do you know how your words land on others? Do you get the results you hope to get from your words? What is just one way you can improve your speech so that you enhance another person’s day?

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