Encourage your spouse when they feel down

They need to be reassured that you still think they are wonderful, even if the rest of the world doesn’t.

• Show that you are on the same team against the problem. Running into a financial setback? cut back on some luxuries. Stick up for your spouse if someone has rejected them, insulted them, etc. “You’re still my number one.” Say it often.

• Just listen when they talk. Don’t jump in with solutions.

• Talk about how you believe in them, that they are competent and that they have weathered storms before and will come out of this situation too.

• Distract. Humor. Reminisce about fun memories.

• Sincere compliment – about who they are, not something superficial like looks. “Wow, they are missing out on a dedicated, passionate teamplayer who can really get things done. Remember the time that you …”

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