Even one situation of abuse in a marriage is too much.   Unfortunately this is a reality for some families.  Adai Ad aims to provide support for those in the situation and education and awareness to prevent such pain from happening.

Adai Ad Articles

End the Abuse

Does the Mizbeach Cry when an Abusive Marriage Ends?

Summary of a conference call by Rabbi YY Jacobson about “Does the Mizbeach Cry when an Abusive Marriage Ends?”

Ignorance is NOT bliss!

What we don't know about Domestic Abuse can hurt someone else. This lack of real knowledge prevents too many people from recognizing just who can be an abuser and who can be a victim. And so they just don't provide the right support and understanding that victims need.

Principles for Being of Help to a Loved One in an Abusive Relationship

Important Dos and Don't when trying to be helpful to a loved one in an abusive marriage.

Recognizing Verbal Abuse

Here we briefly outline the various forms of verbal abuse. And how to recognize patterns of verbal abuse.

Recognizing Controlling Behaviors while Dating

Red flags to look out for during dating.

These resources are part of the education and support series organized in conjunction with  the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council under a grant by the New York City Council Domestic Violence Initiative awarded by Council Member Matthieu Eugene.

Resources for Support

Confidential Hotline

Confidential Text/ Whatsapp Line

For information on educational programs, legal services, and other resources, visit the website

• Weekly support group
• Psycho-educational group
• Safe dwelling apartments
• Trauma-informed counseling
• Case management
• Special events and workshops

Confidential number: 718-851-6300
Confidential email: [email protected]

Confidential Support Group in Brooklyn for Parents of Adult Children in Abusive Relationships

For more information, call or text Shaindy Urman, MSW: 347-834-7369

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