Every marriage has its perpetual problems

It’s inevitable. There will be some areas where the two of you will never agree. These are likely based on either fundamental differences in your personalities, or fundamental differences in your life style needs. It’s how you see the world.

These are problems that you will return to again and again. They will never be solved. All couples have perpetual problems. All. Couples. Do.

The key is to MANAGE these problems, not try to solve them. Dr. John Gottman, a leading researcher on marriage and relationships, states, “Relationships will work to the extent that you have wound up with a set of perpetual problems you can learn to live with.” Boiled down to its essence, they can’t be fixed; they must be accepted and managed with a set of reasonable expectations from the other in the relationship.

Those problems will never be solved. Accept that. Your marriage is worth it.

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