Flexibility keeps stress levels down.

In life, lots of things go differently than we had expected or hoped. There will be unexpected events, expenses, and situations.

It’s important for partners to understand and anticipate that as part of life. And since we can’t really anticipate anything, we must therefore react with flexibility.

If we are too rigid and we resist facing the unexpected, life becomes more stressful than it needs to be.

Being flexible is a conscious decision. It’s about not being attached to expectations, not having to control the situation. It’s about letting things be.

In a relationship, flexibility is about letting go and letting the other person do things their way, or making changes so that your partner gets what they want or need.

When we do ‘go with the flow’ – especially when it’s dramatically different from what we expected – we have the opportunity to learn new skills, have new experiences and, more importantly, get to know each other in ways we might never have known before.

Too often, people equate being flexible with settling or weakness. Actually, it is strength. You can still remain steadfast in your values and beliefs, you are proactively choosing to be open to your partner’s feelings and wishes and willing to make significant changes for the sake of your relationship.

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