Focus on your spouse’s strengths to strengthen your marriage.

Know each other’s strengths and gifts, and then highlight and appreciate those. Work together to develop those strengths.

People calibrate their behavior based on what is valued and recognized, and what isn’t. Our beliefs about our spouse really affect how they view themselves in life in general and in the marriage.

  • When you are cognizant of your spouse’s strengths tendencies and abilities, you will better understand your spouse. What they do will make so much more sense to you.
  • When you see how your spouse is wired, you can encourage them in more specific ways to excel in the things they are passionate about and are good at.
  • When you know their strengths, you can understand the weaknesses inherent in them. This can help put lots of things back into perspective. As applicable, you help them channel their weaknesses back into a strength.
  • Lastly, when you both know your strengths, you can play off each other’s strengths to build your marriage up.

It’s not about ignoring their limitations and weaknesses – it’s about paying more attention to their strengths. Always be aware of – and grateful for – what makes your spouse so unique and special.

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