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For husbands: Corona & your marriage – part 2 with Rabbi Shais Taub

Rabbi Taub continues the conversation about husband's role - especially in times of Corona.
Included in this call

During this call, these questions were posed to Rabbi Taub. He addresses them in his unique way; his answers are insightful, practical and inspiring. Lots of valuable powerful marriage thoughts are interspersed in these answers.


Part 2 

1. I am noticing things in my wife that I don’t like. I try to hold back, but sometimes I blurt it out. (listen)

2. My wife and I have nothing to talk about. I’m bored. Did I marry the wrong person? (listen)

3. My wife never wanted to be a full time mother and now she is angry. I do help a lot. What can I say/do for her? (listen)

4. elaboration on last week about physical intimacy (listen)  (part 1)

5. elaboration on last week about sharing emotions about concerns of parnassah and other emotions (listen)  (part 1)

6. I binge on Netflix. My wife is upset and I am ashamed. (listen)

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