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For Husbands: Corona & your Marriage with Rabbi Shais Taub

​Rabbi Taub addresses some issues unique to Corona - as applicable to role of husband.
Included in this call

During this call, these questions were posed to Rabbi Taub. He addresses them in his unique way; his answers are insightful, practical and inspiring. Lots of valuable powerful marriage thoughts are interspersed in these answers.


Part 1
1. What is the role AS HUSBAND, as related to Corona? (listen)

2. What to consider when wanting to protect the wife from financial stress (losing income) and needing emotional support? (listen) (part 2)

3. How to deal with difference of needs and desire for physical intimacy (and not going to mikvah during Corona)? (listen) (part 2)

4. My wife doesn’t want to hear about emunah and this is all Hashem’s will, but isn’t that the truth? (listen)

5. I usually deal with stress by going out with friends (I’m an extravert), but now I can’t do that, how to handle this need? (listen)

6. Final thoughts. (listen)

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