Forgiveness may not be enough. Sometimes, you need boundaries

Forgiveness can’t always make the situation better – especially if the offense continues. Yes, you can release the previous pain and hurt. But then it happens again.

If you have done some true self-introspection to determine that you are not being supersensitive, or the act is obviously egregious, then it is worthwhile to set up some boundaries for self-preservation.

Setting boundaries is a method of informing those around you how to treat you, how to care for you, how to interact with you in a way that is nurturing, fulfilling and makes you feel safe. Boundaries help set up the relationship in a way that your values are acknowledged, honored and respected.

We are intentionally not outlining how to set boundaries here, as every situation is very individual. It is worthwhile to work with a wise friend, counselor or rabbi/Rebbetzin to help you with this inner work and support you on the journey. 

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