Forgiving is not forgetting. It is changing how you think about the hurt.

Do not keep replaying the offense in your mind. Do not dwell on your hurt feelings or pain. Release the person from your judgment.

Consciously, decide to forgive them. Though you may not be able to forget what happened, you can make the decision not to dwell on past offenses.
You if you put too much effort into trying to forget the hurt, you’ll likely end up painting a clearer picture of the scenario in your head. But if you make too little of an effort to wipe your memory clean, the memory will likely stay put.

Rather than trying to erase the hurt, change the narrative you tell yourself about what happened. Instead of the ‘poor me, I’m the victim’ narrative, it’s ‘look how I’ve grown, learned, and handled this situation. Look how I’ve overcome adversity.’ Without the emotional charge.

When/if thoughts of that hurt flash through your mind, think about what and how much you’ve grown from it, and then let those thought just flit away.

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