Frame your day in gratitude.

As soon as we wake, we say מודה אני. Thankful am I.

The very first word of my day is מודה, gratitude. I start the day in gratitude to Hashem for a new day, full of fresh opportunities.

Only after grounding my day in gratitude, do I mention אני, myself. Once I have established the day in gratitude, I can then think of myself and my day’s tasks, responsibilities and opportunities.

Sometimes we offer words of gratitude because we are already feeling grateful. Other times, we come to feel grateful because we are offering words of gratitude.

Start off your morning with a list of at least five things for which you are grateful. Write it down – as a full sentence. “I am grateful for ….” Then read the entire list out loud – to yourself or to others. End with “And I will have a great day.”

Start your day from a frame of gratitude and positivity, and your day will be more positive and productive.

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