Free yourself from your limiting beliefs

True freedom is not being limited by the boundaries that hold us back from our true potential. Those boundaries may be of our own making, and sometimes outside influences.

Your limiting beliefs, the stories you tell yourself, staying in your comfort zone those are all self imposed limitations.

And those boundaries you can definitely ‘pass over’ and overcome. (Many of the outside ones can also be overcome too.) What we choose to think about regularly, shapes our thoughts, emotions and our entire lives, so it’s so important to be careful what we think about.

Question your beliefs and stories about yourself and your world – are those statements you tell yourself really true? Is it accurate? Does it make sense?

YOU CANNOT LOSE if you question your beliefs. It’s a win/win situation.

Either, you discover that your beliefs are indeed accurate, and by confirming it, you only make it stronger. Or, you might find that they are indeed holding you back from reaching your fullest potential, and you ought to change your beliefs.

Challenge your beliefs:

  • “I really am not able to do that” – is that the 100% accurate truth?
  • “Some people are just luckier than others, and I am just not lucky?” – is that the 100% accurate truth?
  • “My spouse just doesn’t care about our family at all.” is that the 100% accurate truth?
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