Gifts: don’t give your children what you didn’t have as a kid; teach them what you didn’t learn.

Some have a family tradition of giving gifts to the kids on Chanukah. While that isn’t what Chanukah is all about per se, it does add a level of playfulness and fun.

As you contemplate on what you want to give the children this Chanukah, you might also reflect on what Chanukah is about. The word Chanukah shares the same root as the word Chinuch – guidance and education.

This Chanukah, you might start a new family tradition of helping your children learn and experience things that you might not have had as a kid.

Memorable experiences create impact that last long after a toy has been lost or broken. You might do something together that enhances the life of another person. Or something that builds character. Or share family stories. Learn a new skill together. Build something together. Play together. Laugh together.

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