Give attention and you’ll get attention

We humans all crave undivided attention from time to time, especially from those who are closest to us. That also means that we should be giving undivided attention to those who are closest to us.

Undivided attention is full and complete attention. It is about fully being ‘in the room when you are in the room’; it is being there with your mind, heart and spirit.

Undivided attention is intentional. It’s not just listening or paying attention. It is purposeful. It is a choice. It is a decision. It is a commitment.

If you really want attention from people you have to actually give attention. Real attention is noticing the other person deeply. Noticing their needs, their wants and acting on them. Noticing their accomplishments – big and tiny – and acknowledging them. It is setting aside time just for them. It is sharing things (jokes, trinkets, etc.) because you thought of them. 

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